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Chad Holland Real Estate Property Management

Camie Holland, Property Manager is a licensed Texas REALTOR®, with the experience necessary to handle the management of your properties, allowing you the opportunity to dedicate more of your time to your family and/or other businesses.

In certain situations, we may offer Property Management services for single family residential, multi-family residential and commercial property owners. We can manage the marketing, tenant screenings, property showings, lease preparation, lease provision enforcement, tenant complaints, security deposits, rent collections, inspections, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and eviction services.

We use the extensive library of residential and commercial property leasing forms as well as the property management forms provided by The Texas Association of REALTORS®. Use of these forms by persons who are not members of the Texas Association of REALTORS® is not authorized.

Contact Chad or Camie today, via email, text, or phone to set up a time to discuss using Chad Holland Real Estate Property Management services for your properties.


A Texas Real Estate License is required by law to manage rental property. The term broker, as defined in statute, includes a person who shows or leases a property for the owner or controls the acceptance or deposit of rent from a single-family residence. This means that anyone who controls the acceptance or deposit of rent, shows a property to a potential tenant, or leases the property to a potential tenant-on behalf of someone else and for compensation-must be licensed as a Texas Real Estate Salesperson or Broker.

To “Show” includes causing or permitting the property to be viewed by a prospective buyer or tenant, unlocking or providing access onto or into a property for a prospective buyer or tenant, and hosting an open house at the property.

This change took effect Sept. 1, 2011.

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